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Join Oakland-based countercultural darling, Rachel Lark, as she interviews artists, activists and scholars about the connection between art and activism and tries to get to the bottom of the question, “What’s The Point?”

October 26, 2020

Aisha Fukushima: The Artist In The Activist Garden

What’s the point of connection in an individualist society? And how can we take care of ourselves to show up best for our communities? Singer, speaker, educator, and activist Aisha Fukushima helps us ground ourselves, tap into our imagination, and re-envision our art as part of a larger, breathing whole.

Check out more from Aisha on her website, where you can tap into her music, vlogs, digital care packages, mediations, and more.

Today’s music is from Aisha Fukushima. Songs listed in order played:

-(3:52) Just Breathe

-(12:27) Flint

-(19:20) Believe In Reality

-(22:43): Rachel Lark: This Year (instrumental)

Art mentioned in this episode…

  1. “Ella’s Song: We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest” by Sweet Honey In The Rock
  2. Jeff Chang (writer, historian) You can check out his book “We Gon’ Be Alright”

Organizations mentioned in this episode…

  1. Zoo Labs

Five Minute Action!

Form an affinity group! Figure out who you might want to go to protests with and start a group message thread with those people. Make sure you know each others’ emergency contact numbers, any special needs, care for children and/or animals that might be needed. Figure out if there are protests happening around the election that you might want to go to, and make a plan to meet up and take care of each other.


Call us and leave us a message at 415-610-4866. What’s your activist garden like? How do you lean on/ trust in others? How do you find sustainability with your artistic or activist life? We want to know! 


This episode was produced and engineered by booch McCandless. 

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