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Join Oakland-based countercultural darling, Rachel Lark, as she interviews artists, activists and scholars about the connection between art and activism and tries to get to the bottom of the question, “What’s The Point?”

November 16, 2020

Camille Barton: The Artist As A Grieving Dancer

What’s the point of moving through grief? Like, literally moving? What can we learn from indigenous practices...and order to create our own rituals and forms of release?

You can find more about Embodied Social Change, ritual bass DJ mixes, their drug policy work, and much more from Camille Barton at their website, and be sure to check them out in the documentary “The Post-Racist Planet.”

Today’s featured musician is The Seshen, a San Francisco Bay Area six-piece band. Songs in order played as follows:

(:07 - :57) The Seshen - Unravel

(02:35 - 03:23) The Seshen - Dive

(10:17 - 10:53) The Seshen - Shapes

(16:32 - 17:32) The Seshen - Dive

(23:10 - 23:30) VPRO Documentary - Post-Racist Future

(24:40 - end) The Seshen - Oblivion


Art mentioned in this episode…

Joyful Militancy (Carla Bergman and Nick Montgomery), 

the body keeps the score (Bessel van der Kolk), 

Pleasure Activism (adrienne marie brown), 

The Wild Edge of Sorrow (Francis Weller), 

Resmaa (white body supremacy)


Organizations mentioned in this episode…

Global Environments Network

White Awake

Collective Liberation Project


Five Minute Action!

Give money to a racial justice organization.


Call us and leave us a message at 415-610-4866. Tell us your thoughts about this episode! How do you tap into ritual and grief? How has that influenced your art and activism?


This episode was produced and engineered by booch McCandless. 

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