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Join Oakland-based countercultural darling, Rachel Lark, as she interviews artists, activists and scholars about the connection between art and activism and tries to get to the bottom of the question, “What’s The Point?”

November 23, 2020

Larry Bogad: The Artist As A Humorous Disruption

What’s the point of laughter? And how can we use it to manipulate...I mean move...our audiences? Professor of Political Performance and cofounder of the clandestine insurgent rebel clown army, Larry Bogad, drops in for a chat about using laughter to move ideas, both within an individual’s mind and as larger cultural shifts. Plus we get to hear about selling ice cream made from melting polar ice caps.


For more from Larry Bogad, visit his website here. You can also learn more about (and buy!) his books and plays by clicking on the following links:


Tactical Performance: The Theory and Practice of Serious Play

Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements

Cointelshow: A Patriot Act (a darkly satirical, $5 play about COINTELPRO)


Today’s featured musician is Latin Circus Fusion group Bicicletas Por La Paz. Find more from them at or at their bandcamp. Songs in order played as follows: 


(0:07 - 1:12) Bicicletas Por La Paz - Adónde

(12:37 - 13:49) Bicicletas Por La Paz - Colibrí

(16:07 - 16:59) Bicicletas Por La Paz - Chicha En Sol Menor

(17:48 - 19:34) Bicicletas Por La Paz - Chicha En Sol Menor

(21:00 - 24:30) Bicicletas Por La Paz - Googleamos


Five Minute Action!

Call three friends and invite them to form an affinity group. Create a text thread for updating each other on protests and other forms of political engagement.


Call us and leave us a message at 415-610-4866. Tell us your thoughts about this episode! How do you tap into ritual and grief? How has that influenced your art and activism?


This episode was produced and engineered by booch McCandless. 

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