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Join Oakland-based countercultural darling, Rachel Lark, as she interviews artists, activists and scholars about the connection between art and activism and tries to get to the bottom of the question, “What’s The Point?”

December 7, 2020

Riley Davidson: The Artist As A Destroyer Of Binaries

Riley Davidson: The Artist As A Destroyer Of Binaries


What’s the point of expressing your true, unfiltered self? How can art help us break out of the boxes we are put into? Performance artist Riley Davidson, aka Gutter Gucci, chats with us about moving past guilt, getting over the good/bad binary, and creating artistic spaces in which people can have full agency to set themselves free.


For more from Riley Davidson, check out @guttergucci on Instagram.


Today’s featured musician is Animal Prince. Find more from them at their bandcamp. Songs in order played as follows: 


(0:23 - 1:06) - Animal Prince - Back and Forth

(11:00 - 11:43) - Animal Prince - Closer to the Stars

(14:28 - 15:18) - Animal Prince - Like a Dream

(23:38 - 27:35) - Animal Prince - Liquid Sights and Sounds

Five Minute Action!

Write an e-mail to your mayor asking them what they’re doing to support artists during this time.


This episode was produced and engineered by booch McCandless. 

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